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PSA is a treasure map of ancient wisdom teachings combined with modern psychological tools, to guide you through the challenging quest of awakening consciousness.

Mostly my work asks you to take time to consistently retreat within and re-evaluate what serves you in your life.  The focus is on awareness and consciousness and what needs to be healed, upgraded, refined, or let go of. Learning to do this daily, simultaneous to the core energy mastery teachings and other types of purification work required, will ensure personal mastery and enlightenment.  Knowing others is wise and yet truly knowing the self is enlightenment.  Remember  too that if you resist this cycle of introspection, then you invoke universal forces to take matters out of your hands, such that you are "led" into self-examination via external frustrations and events that stop you in your tracks!

With your co-operation this magical map will lead you through deep un-chartered waters to reconnect to spirit and achieve the life you truly wish to live.

Susie Anthony

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About Susie

In the last 20 years Susie has helped co-create and engineer from breakdowns - breakthroughs to way show people out of all kinds of self created mess, interference and distortions that occur in co-dependent, dysfunctional relationships. She shows you how to take responsibility for and understand how you co-create the types of relationships you do and shares options about what to do if they donít work for you. The most vital part of her approach is teaching you how to begin to self nurture, love, respect and honour yourself daily... firstly through reconnection to universal life force energies with Reiki, and how to maintain this re-alignment through daily management of your energetic frequency and patterning - again with Reiki and/or Super Reiki. This discipline guarantees ongoing mental emotional & spiritual well-being, even during physical disease situations... where pain is necessary to change, but suffering is optional. Multi-modality energy mastery and healing teacher/practitioner, transformation and change facilitator, award winning personal development author, mentor... Susie assists you to embrace transformation, find a higher purpose, revitalise, redesign, empower and reformat your life to be more successful, confident and filled with Grace and she helps you make this FUN.

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