Core Teachings


  • Supports authenticity, honesty and openness.
  • Enhances organising and co-ordinating abilities.
  • Catalyses and facilitates change and growth.
  • Develops tenacity, integrity and ability to achieve goals.
  • Deepens connection to higher intelligence.


  • Dynamic, empowers and activates potentials.
  • Confirms inner knowing and self-belief.
  • Brings clarity, insight and conviction.
  • Supports truth and directness of expression.
  • Promotes security in self and trust in life.  


  • Strengthens assertiveness and expression.
  • Energies of pioneering leadership and inspiration.
  • Brings open-mindedness, creativity and intuition.
  • Heightens sensitivity to subtle aspects of life.
  • Magnifies determination and motivation

Tarot Tableau Correspondences

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Vital teachings needed by humanity at this time

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