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Joseph Campbell

Joseph Campbell did not restrict the term ‘hero’ to warrior or life-saver; he used it to describe anyone who had the courage to follow his or her calling, obtain the necessary knowledge and skills, and then use that wisdom and experience for the benefit of his or her people.

Campbell’s work inspired Susie to fight and tame her dragons, follow her passion, find her bliss and reconnect to the hero. The treasure she found and shares is this incredible synthesis of ‘maps to God material’.

With a map and a teacher the hero’s journey is made simple and becomes radically fast-tracked. Susie’s books, radio & tv programmes, workshops and retreats contain all the treasure of the map of that unfolding describing the quest of the true initiate - the hero inside...


Here is some feedback from people who have shared this experience with Susie and feel this magic working in their lives:

Peter Gabriel

peter gabriel

“Susie is a warm and sympathetic person with a great heart and a wonderful sense of humour. She is reliable, conscientious and can handle enormous responsibilites.”

Peter Gabriel World renowned singer, songwriter, performer, winner of the Nobel Man of Peace Prize, Founder of the Elders with Sir Richard Branson, Nelson Mandela and Jimmy Carter, Pete has known Susie since she was 12.

Garry Malkin

peter gabriel

“For time immemorial, human beings have demonstrated that we can awaken and motivate ourselves through the ancient power of story. This truth is at the core of Susie Anthony's seminal Super Hero Code work. Each of us has within us a "super hero", seeking to be activated, seen, honored, and expressed in our life stories so that we can, as Gandhi once said, 'become the change we wish to see in the world". I welcomed the invitation to work with Susie on the Super Hero Code work like a moth to flame!

We are living in extraordinary times, requiring a genuine shift that can integrate our hearts, souls and minds to traverse the challenges and opportunities we currently face. However, now more than ever, many of us are ensnared in a trance of excessive speed, consumerism and endless multi-tasking, utilizing an increasingly fragmented and compromised attention span that is encroaching on our very capacity to embody the lives we were meant to live! Susie Anthony's Super Hero Code work can help us with these challenges by providing a transformational experience that is accessible and impactful, working on a number of levels simultaneously - psychologically, emotionally, and spiritually. I highly recommend that you do whatever you can to experience the integrative power of this work first hand, so that you can be awakened, inspired and empowered to claim your own super hero within. By witnessing other extraordinary beings who intimately share their own life stories, we can all start identifying and embodying our own missions, life purpose, and essential story lines with greater integrity, passion and authenticity.”

Seven Time Emmy Award-winning Composer/Producer/Performer.

Gary, a frequent keynote speaker at the Harvard Medical School, is dedicated to creating music and media resources that heal the spirit, inspire the heart and catalyze social change. Gary is proud to have served as the Artistic Director for a number of global events, such as the '04 and '06 Quest for Global Healing Conferences, featuring Archbishop Desmond Tutu and other Nobel Laureates, in Bali, Indonesia. He was asked to serve as Artistic Director for the Noetic Sciences International Conference on Health and Consciousness, weaving relevant arts performances throughout...

David Gibbons

Hazel Courteney

“In one mere second an individual's entire existence, inner being and past experience can be transformed from shades of light to dark, dark to light, or indeed from any colour of the rainbow to sparkling pigment new; all through just one human touch. During these long days of passionate and steadfast commitment towards the discarding of all fears, inhibitions and judgement, who could believe that such an extraordinary human being could place such faith and love in this man's work? Life meanders so gently as country stream through fresh pastures if only you allow it to - with open heart and pure unreserved faith. At the early morning hour when fatigue becomes over-powering Susie has taught me wisdom, knowledge and love to endure through every challenging moment. This encouragement and teaching continues with an abundance so rich and with a power and guidance so unimaginable, that for the first time I have found peace in this space, in which my mind finds air to breathe in accepting these gifts given by Susie. For this meeting of minds and hearts and for those whom I have had the honor to meet by referral through her, it is apparent that my life and many others have forever been changed. It is also apparent that Susie represents a strength and devotion for our world that I for one have never before come across, and intend never to lose. Susie is a bright star who brings light to every human heart that she reaches out to - in real love”

David William Gibbons June 4, 2010 - Broadcaster & Presenter "In Discussion"

Viscountess Marina Cowdray

Viscountess Marina Cowdray

“You are a brave lady, a guiding light and a huge inspiration to us all, Susie. Congratulations on your amazing achievements love Marina.”

Viscountess Marina Cowdray - The Cowdrays own Cowdray Park ‘the Home of British Polo’ and Pearson Plc, a London-based education and media conglomerate. It is the largest book publisher in the UK, India, Australia and New Zealand, which publishes amongst other things, the Financial Times and the Economist includes Penguin Books and Putnam Press.

Lady Tracy Worcester

Lady Tracy Worcester

“The fact that Susie is able to attract huge audiences to her conferences in the depths of the British countryside, reflects the level of respect people have for her profound wisdom. All the very best Susie!”

Lady Tracy Worcester Ecologist, Filmmaker & Champion of Human and Animal Rights. As Associate Director of the International Society for Ecology and Culture, and a trustee of the Gaia Foundation, she’s working to shift development from dependence on giant banks and corporations to local interdependence between people and their real needs.

Dr Lana Israel

Dr Lana Israel

“Susie is dedicated to assisting others in leading true, authentic lives. She is dedicated to seeing others succeed. I now approach every day knowing that I have the tools and the power within me to create and live my dreams.”

In 1993, Lana won the Glenn T. Seaborg Nobel Prize Visit Award (Grand Award) at the 44th International Science and Engineering Fair for her research on learning and memory. In 1994, the British Brain Trust named Lana ‘The Brain of the Year’ (joint recipient) for her contributions to education. Lana, who was elected a Rhodes Scholar in 1997, received her doctorate in Experimental Psychology from the University of Oxford and her bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Harvard University.

DR Cleve Stevens - Fortune 500 CEO Business Mentor

Dr Cleeve

“You really are a gift, Susie, a blessing and an extremely important player as we seek to transform the world. The further I get from my visit, the more clearly I understand the importance of what you bring to the world. Oh, and I truly enjoyed your book - brilliantly done, utterly stimulating and inspiring; accessible, yet demanding in the best possible way. Goodness”

CLEVE STEVENS obtained a BA from the University of California, a master’s in divinity from Princeton Theological Seminary and a PhD in social ethics and leadership development from the University of Southern California.

Dr Lee Jampolsky


“Susie Anthony speaks and writes from the heart, yet also weaves ancient wisdom into a stimulating text that awakens us on all levels. Her book does not simply describe spiritual wisdom, it teaches us how to apply these profound principles into our daily lives. I am most moved by authors who have lived through life situations where they personally have learned of the wisdom they teach. Susan Anthony is such an author, and brings us a wonderful book, which teaches authentic spirituality.”

Dr. Lee Jampolsky is a Doctor of Psychology and author of seven books, in over ten languages.

Dr Klaus Heinemann - NASA Scientist


“Susan Anthony shares with refreshing integrity her personal story of transformation, which led to amazing meetings with masters from various spiritual backgrounds. With her insights from these experiences and meetings, she presents jewels of universal truths from East and West and paints an engaging vision for humankind’s journey toward oneness!”

Klaus Heinemann, Ph.D., Physicist, Former NASA Scientific Consultant, Head of the Stanford Research Institute, Corporate Chairman, author of “Expanding Perception” and co-author of “The Orb Project.

Dr Miceal Ledwith - Former Adviser Pope John Paul II


“A Map to God: Awakening Spiritual Integrity” takes you on the shortest journey... out of the head and into the heart. It may well be the shortest journey but is often the longest because of the multitude of self-inflicted barriers and obstacles we put in our own way. This is what this book addresses at the deepest level: how to get over ourselves.

Susie Anthony is a peace activist and a futurist. She went through a profound personal transmutation, from feeling stuck in bondage to a system whose values she had never chosen, but in which she blindly believed, to where she is today. Anyone who has worked 18 hours a day to try to keep up with the rat race will find this book to be literally a life saver. She walks her talk and she has truly experienced all she shares. Expertly, yet simply written, my hope is that this visionary work will awaken the masses to really respond to the call to spirit, wholeness and healing. I could not put it down. This incredible book will dramatically change your life and perceptions of reality – read it if you dare!”

Those who have the opportunity to visit her Manor House, at Compton Bishop, Somerset, will truly find there a ‘little piece of Heaven on Earth,” especially if they can find time to partake in one of her unique retreats.”

Professor Miceal Ledwith L. Ph., D.D., LL.D., was a Professor of Theology for 16 years at Maynooth, Ireland, and for ten years served as President of the University. For 17 years he was a member of the International Theological Commission - a small group of 12 theologians of international standing charged with advising the Pope on theological matters. He has been a long time member of the Ramtha School of Ancient Wisdom and today is in frequent demand as a speaker all over the world.

Dr Jude Currivan PHD


“A Map to God is a way-shower of the spiritual terrain we all traverse to wholeness. Susie has walked every step of this path. The profound challenges she encountered and overcame, make her eminently qualified to share the perennial wisdom embodied in this book. Susie’ work is an inspirational, wise, loving and above all practical map to the divine within us all. ”

Dr Jude Currivan PhD is a cosmologist, planetary healer, international award-winning Hay House author, visionary and educator.

Hazel Courteney

Hazel Courteney

“Susie’s energy and healing is totally magical. A teacher greatly needed by humanity at this time whose workshops are a must!”

Award winning health journalist, former columnist with the Sunday Times Magazine and the Daily Mail. Best selling spiritual author of the Divine Intervention series, including Evidence for the Sixth Sense.

Ken Page


“Susie was a fellow keynote speaker at an international seminar on spirituality and healing in the USA . Over 2,000 people attended this. Her presentation was electrifying. I remarked to her that she was one of the only speakers truly emanating love. In humility, she doesn’t pretend to be an expert yet she walks her talk.”

Ken Page Author of Heart and Soul of Healing, His nephew, Drunvalo Melchizedek created the Flower of Life teachings.

Simon Hinton


“Despite her immense personal power, Susie refuses to accept guru status, teaching instead that each one of us must learn to be our own guru. In my view, she features today amongst the most gifted and powerful teachers in the western hemisphere.”

Simon Hinton Journalist - The Times and GQ Magazine

Audrey Levy

peter gabriel

“I finished reading "A Map to God" and I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the experience. I got goose bumps throughout, found the mediation exercises invigorating, and just generally was totally impressed with the amount of knowledge that you have in your head that you were able to share so articulately.

I know this was no easy task, and I admire your ability to see the project through. I look forward to its sequel.”

Audrey Levy, PsyD - Author of Noelle's Ark


PSALM Retreat & Workshop Testimonials:

“I found it delightful to be talking with Dr Susie Anthony on the Hero Series presented by David Gibbons. During the four one-hour shows, Susie energetically engaged with pearls of wisdom about the hero's journey, much of it based on Joseph Campbell's model, which includes a rather rocky road but a sense of service and achievement from getting through the tough and lonely places as we went over my life history. I began to recognize that my own struggles were not at all that unusual and that, in retrospect, the risks I have taken have been truly worth it, as long as I fearlessly focus on being of service to humanity and nature."

Brian O'Leary, Ph.D.
Author, Scientist, Former Astronaut and New Energy Visionary

“The trip of a lifetime with the guidance and protection given to me by a great lady.

This is about my trek to the summit of Kilimanjaro, a truly profound experience and the lady in question is Susie Anthony.

My incredible journey would not have been the same without Susie's recommendations regarding the use of Young Living essential oils and crystals.

Never having done anything like this before, I wanted to be spiritually, physically and mentally strong.

The choice of Young Living essential oils were put to good use whilst on the mountain and helped both me and my fellow trekkers to succeed against several adversities.

During the trip a very nasty hospital bug, causing sickness and diahorrea swept through the camp, causing great hardship to all those concerned. I immediately started taking capsules filled with the essential oil "Thieves" and was the only one out of our group of 37 who didn't get the bug! Secondly was the use of the essential oil "Breathe Again", this was incredible when it came to those suffering from the effects of altitude. It gave immediate relief to those struggling with their breathing and was a much sort after essential oil. My bottle was empty by the end of the trek but the relief it gave to my colleagues and I was amazing. Lavender, Wintergreen and Peppermint were used on bites, cuts and bruises and the healing process started immediately. Seeing is believing and I now have many Young Living essential oil converts, including the doctors on our trek, complimenting their conventional medicine.

I took the crystals Tiger eye and Turquoise on the trek and wore them around my neck all the time. I am in no doubt as to the protection of the powerful stone Tiger eye.

The Africans on the mountain called me "Simba", meaning lion as I was so strong and positive whilst walking for 10 hours every day and 15 hours on summit night. I never dropped from pole position from day one and several team members chose to walk behind me as they felt great benefit from my strong positive and healing energies. They said it was an incredibly uplifting experience and they could draw from by strength and calm. I know the Turquoise for my throat and protection had such a positive effect. Every night when they checked our heart rate and oxygen levels, my results were that of a young 20 year old athlete the doctors were amazed as I'm more than twice this age!!

Susie's knowledge and spiritual guidance with the use of the crystals and the essential oils can be used in any situation and I know they helped me as an aid along with the power of the mighty mountain.

I gave my necklace of Tiger eye and Turquoise as a gift to my African friend who climbs Kilimanjaro on a regular basis. I have explained to him the meaning of these crystals and I know he will benefit from their energy and protection.

Thank you Susie you truly are a wonderful person and you played your part in making my trek a great success and some of the happiest memories of my life. Lots of love "


“Susie Anthony is a heartfelt and powerful teacher, visionary and guide. I first met her over 10 years ago when she was the head of an International Healing Academy. Although in high demand, she was very humble and generous with her time and attention. Her purity, integrity and love of God struck me very deeply. I very quickly decided to go on a month long retreat with her and it was a profound and deeply transformative time for me. During the next few years I experienced some of the deepest spiritual teachings, felt some of the most awesome and undeniable healing energy and discovered the patterns and parts of myself that stopped me from succeeding, as well as my gifts.

I soon joined Susie and a small, but incredibly dedicated team of people, to train with her and commit our lives to Spirit and help her bring the teachings she embodied, to the world. It was some of the most enjoyable times of my life. As we worked hard to create a successful large spiritual event (in an unbelievably short amount of time), started a retreat centre and day healing spa. As well as work with people on individual and group retreats from all walks of life. It was magical and incredible to see Susie's example of tireless service to raise consciousness in anyone she met.

During these busy times Susie would be working deeply with each of our small group to bring out our soul qualities . Our patterns would surface to be healed. I had a time when several negative patterns surfaced over a period of time. I became afraid and rather than courageously face them with the group, I left the group abruptly, long before my agreed time. As a small team with great responsibility, I know it left the remaining team with a very challenging time, which to to this day, I can only imagine the extra work and demand this created. How I left the group was irresponsible and selfish. I am truly sorry for the way in which I exited this great work. Such is ego and our destructive patterns.

Soon afterward I left for America and after some time in spiritual community I was back in the world caught up in busyness. What I found was that, even with my fearful exit, I had grown incredibly from my time with Susie. My ability to handle myself and be in the world had vastly changed. I was not the same person. It took me a couple of years to work up the courage to get back in touch with Susie, to apologise, to own my mistakes, and to see how I could make amends to her. Susie was incredibly forgiving in the face of great challenge. She is remarkable. And as I reconnected with my spiritual path again in a different direction, what I had experienced and learned from Susie and the path of Spirit, has truly served my soul and helped me to evolve.

I know Susie is here to offer the world an incredible solution. The way of Spirit and finding the hero within. She has great purity, incredible depth, and love of Spirit and Truth. Despite all the incredible challenges she has been given to test her faith, she keeps on keeping on. It is this, along with her actual connection to Spirit and love of Spirit, that make her an awesome teacher for these interesting times."

Justin Thelen

“Hi Susie,

Been home for two days and think I have just about recovered from the jet lag. And I’m able to sit back and appreciate the utterly delicious experience I had with you and the exceptional (!) women at The Manor House. I cannot thank you enough.

Spending time with you (and Jackie and Judy and Zoesa) was nothing short of joyous. The highlight of a very eventful trip! I am still buzzing from the radiant love and generosity (and Source energy!) I experienced with you all.

You really are a gift, Susie, a blessing and an extremely important player as we seek to transform the world. The further I get from my visit, the more clearly I understand the importance of what you bring to the world.

Oh, and I truly enjoyed your book - brilliantly done, utterly stimulating and inspiring; accessible, yet demanding in the best possible way. Goodness.

There are going to be ways in which we will work together, I know. And I can’t wait!

Here’s to transforming the planet together in ways we’ve not even yet imagined.

Blessings and Love to you all, hoping I’ll see you soon. Cleve”

Dr Cleve Stevens is a Transformational Business Mentor to Major Fortune 500 CEO’s. He lectures at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles and the University of Beijing in China, which President Clinton once referred to as the ‘Harvard of the East.’ Incidentally, Cleve was also headhunted to work for the Clinton administration. Cleve has a Doctorate of Divinity Princeton and has an MBL from the University of Southern California.

“Although The Manor House sits in one of the most beautiful places on earth, upon leaving, the geographical beauty is not what you will remember most. What you will remember is being touched and transformed by the beauty, integrity, and depth of each of the residents, and the rest of your life will be better for it.”

Dr Lee Jampolsky As a recognized leader in psychology and human potential, Dr Lee Jampolsky has served on the medical staff and faculty of respected hospitals and graduate schools. Dr Jampolsky has appeared on radio and TV shows spanning the globe. He has been interviewed or quoted by hundreds of publications, including the Wall Street Journal, Business Week, The Los Angeles Times, Entrepreneur, and Women’s World. He’s had seven books published in over ten languages and has sold hundreds of
thousands of copies.

“Dear Susie,

Many of us have moments when we feel the need-the necessity-to dig deeper and to (re)connect with that aspect of self that we know exists but have forgotten how to find. It’s like a tip-of-the-tongue experience: You know the answer is there. You know you know it. You just need to access it. But, sometimes the answer never seems to come, or finding it is a difficult and frustrating process. At critical moments like this, true blessing is having someone with pure and powerful heart, mind, and soul to guide you. Dr. Susan Anthony has become that guide for me.

After a ten day retreat with Susie and her amazing team at The Well House, I feel like a flower blossoming in fast motion. The most amazing part of this process is the realization that, like a flower, we have the power to absorb light, love, energy and the positivity and guidance that the Universe offers to live truly extraordinary lives. Susie’s depth of heart, knowledge, goodness, and commitment inspire transformation. She walks her talk. And, with pure intention, authenticity and humour, she clears, attunes, and calibrates for each person so that they are likely to leave the retreat and live their truth. That has been my experience.

I had many lessons and realizations during the retreat. It was amazing. However, after the retreat, I’ve experienced a shift in my outlook, orientation and focus that has empowered and realigned me. I know that some of this is due to my own revitalized will, intention and practice of the energy work that Susie teaches. I also know that some of this is due to the ‘invisible’ behind-the-scenes work that Susie initiated lovingly and wisely during the retreat. Susie is dedicated to assisting others in leading true, authentic lives. She is dedicated to seeing others succeed. I now approach every day knowing that I have the tools and the power within me to create and live my dreams. We all do.

Sure there are challenging moments. And, Susie’s work provides tools for taking challenges in stride, learning from them, and continuing to grow and create. What can be more wonderful and important than learning about and becoming the magnificent beings that we are? And, who better to guide us on this journey than Susie?”

Dr. Lana Israel founded her own educational company, Brain Power for Kids, Inc., at 13. Since then she has travelled the world lecturing to students, parents, educators, and business people about learning techniques. Lana has published two books on learning methods for children (the first of which she wrote at age 12) and has produced two award-winning videos on study skills. In 1993, Lana won the Glenn T. Seaborg Nobel Prize Visit Award (Grand Award) at the 44th International Science and Engineering Fair for her research on learning and memory. In 1994, the British Brain Trust named Lana ‘The Brain of the Year’ (joint recipient) for her contributions to education. Lana, who was elected a Rhodes Scholar in 1997, received her doctorate in Experimental Psychology from the University of Oxford and her bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Harvard University.

“Dear Susie

How do I begin to describe what cannot really adequately be described in words? To quote you, Susie, I will do my best

Well, since I met you at the end of last year and started your incredible work, it really has been about transformation beyond belief. I have experienced the most powerful and positive kind of changes within me, which have spread to all my primary relationships and how I view life generally. I feel fantastic today.

I started with one to one sessions with you and took my first workshop of PSA 1 & 2 for my super reiki energy mastery attunements. The workshops were my first experience of the profound energies of PSALM. I immediately noticed a dramatic difference. I had spent many years suffering terribly with ME and migraines - feeling continually cold with very little energy. I was also in a continual state of confusion around making important life changes in terms of leaving a 20 year marriage that had been a lie for 20 years, really.

Having had the attunement it gave me the self-healing practice and discipline to have a daily practice. I had tried almost all therapies and mediations, but nothing came near to the self-healing energy work you teach. I was diligent with my daily healings, which gave me the inner strength to keep going. I also attended the Monday night psychological recapitulations, which gave me insights into my various self limiting patterns, and ego shadow persona issues. You are right Susie in that since I have chosen to become conscious of these darker aspects of my life and transcend them, well I feel free and much more powerful - less afraid...
Six months down the line, I attended PSA 3 and continued working with Susie. I have separated from my husband and started the change needed for myself and for my children to grow spiritually. It wasn’t easy - I had to leave a very comfortable life - I lived on a famous English country estate which we would eventually inherit. The main property having over 100 rooms and there being 30 other large properties

on the estate in addition to the estate house on 2,000 acres. I had to make quite a sacrifice to walk this path and I will never regret this. There is nothing wrong with vast wealth - yet it’s important to have right relationship to this and use the money to help others.

I went on retreat in April 2005, and this has turned out to be the most life changing experience yet, I will write as best I can from the heart.

I arrived having gone through tremendous challenges in the re-arrangement of my family and private life. The unconditional love that I received from Susie and the team was truly sacred and beautiful. The experience of people participating from all countries and different walks of life - coming together under one sacred roof to work as a team with love to express deep issues in group sessions every morning was an unbelievable experience.

I made some great and truly astonishing breakthroughs and am deeply grateful to all the people who mirrored difficult issues to me, helping me break down to break through my denials...

I experienced new friendship in an intimate way like I’d never imagined possible. Laughter, joy and fun was a large part of this work and for the first time in my life, I had a real feeling of beginning to become whole and connected with spirit.

I began to learn to start nurturing myself with food, love and realising what I was worthy of. Having stepped back into the world again with the experiences of the retreat, I’m amazed daily at the unbelievable transformation happening in myself, it is also noticed by others.

I have for the first time in my life personal power and warmth. I have confidence, which I’m gaining on a daily basis to confront people and myself with what right for my true self and spiritual growth. I have received energy and no sign of any of my pervious illnesses whatsoever. This is truly a miracle..

Nothing will ever stop me continuing on this path, however challenging my lessons are, it’s the only way to live true joy, have fun, compassion, humility, intimacy in relationships and much more. I truly feel alive for the first time in my life. . Most of all, I am learning how really make a difference in this world and connect with spirit and become whole. It’s so necessary we heal ourselves before we try to heal others and I can think of no better way to do this than here. To be honest nothing else has worked for me and this is something everyone says - yet they also say these retreats work and they do.

My children have all changed and are continuing to make great progress in terms of reconnecting to spirit and seeing the bigger picture outside of all the do have and consume conditioning of the material work. Luke who is my youngest - aged 10, recently did his reiki one attunement with Susie and is starting on the path. I find it very challenging to put into words the change it made in my life and the endless, love and work Susie and her team put into the retreat.

I thank you all from my heart

Love Lucy

Dear Susie,

Thank you so much for all that you and your amazing team gave me on the Wesak retreat. It is really only now sinking in as I am being challenged by the matrix at every turn, that I can appreciate what an amazing gift of teaching, sharing and love I was showered with everyday. Your embodiment of mastery is amazing, awesome and inspiring and I salute your courage and strength to attain such a position, and as importantly now to pass on the understanding to us that follow in your footsteps.

It was indeed a supremely humbling privilege to be held in such love and patience for 10 days in your home and as every day passes the realisation grows of how special it was.

It was indeed a supremely humbling privilege to be held in such love and patience for 10 days in your home and as every day passes the realisation grows of how special it was.

I know this is my path to tread too, with a total conviction in every part of my being, and I thank you also for your offers of help and sharing that I will take up with love as and when I am able. I appreciate that this path could potentially be lonely, however, the love and sharing that the group created is and will be a wonderful counter and support in the future.

Thank you Susie also for the attunements - I have felt a shift, and others have seen this in me too, which is a wonderful testament to your skills, and love. The self healing has become a ritual that exemplifies for me self love, and is an essential part of my daily routine now. There has been a tangible shift in my consciousness from just being me to one of service to the sacred, and I thank you for making me aware of, and showing me lovingly, the difference.

I cannot encourage anyone strongly enough who is drawn to your teaching to do one of your retreats. It is only with total immersion for a sustained period that one truly can understand and start to personify what is mastery. Your selflessness and love for all who enter your home, in whatever state, physically, mentally and emotionally, is rare and I know of no other forum for such teaching that is as effective. It is the greatest gift I have given myself.

All my love and thanks again,

Jane (Chartered Surveyor)

Dear Susie

THANK YOU SO MUCH for the opportunity of attending this retreat. Thank you for creating the time and space for it.

I have learned a certain amount from books and from courses or workshops I’ve attended. I have learned and made some progress from working regularly with Reiki and beginning to look at my stuff.

What the retreat offered was so much more - the daily opportunity to recognise the energy stealing patterns and the denial, blame and projection which we all adopt and then to have the guidance to uncover underlying issues, suppressed emotions etc to begin the process of letting go and forgiving. The experiential nature of the retreat, the group work and the practice of no distractions was well beyond any learning opportunity I’ve ever experienced before.

The retreat worked so well for me (and for the others, I know) because of -

* The Group Sharing and Workings. The Australian Aborigines say that each time we form a circle with others, the person sitting opposite is a mirror reflecting aspects of ourselves we deny or suppress. They also reflect behaviours etc to which we aspire. As such, there is so much more to be learned from working in group in this way, we learn from every person in the group; everyone is a mirror. This work could be done on a one to one basis, but in group our learning and understanding is greatly accelerated.

* No Distraction. The absence of TV, radio, newspapers, shopping, working or whatever, meant we could focus absolutely on the work and look deeply within.

* Working in a Sacred & Safe Space. This allowed me to get in touch with feelings I have repressed for many years and which all my work so far had not allowed me access to. When appropriate you lovingly confronted us. This was non threatening and certainly assisted me greatly in spotting my patterns and considering the possibility that I was being less than truthful with myself! You created a loving and caring environment in which we could safely explore our carefully hidden feelings and emotions.

* Living the Teachings - within the space - your home, which you generously shared with us - gave us the opportunity to witness and experience the reality of living the stuff you teach, of being it or witnessing you being it. Invaluable and certainly not obtainable from books.

The retreat was hard work but so worth it. There were tears, but there was so much laughter and there was joy as each person started to transform.

I recommend these retreats to anyone and everyone. Wherever you are on your particular journey, if you are serious about healing your wounds and reconnecting to spirit, give yourself this great gift - go to one of Susie’s PSA Life Mastery Retreats. I know I’ll be back.

Thank you again Susie and bless you for doing this work.

Much Love & Blessings

Hi Susie

It is very challenging to put into words something that happened on a truly experiential level. I have always been someone who needs to see proof of how effective a particular discipline can be.

Well, as I said during some of our many shares, the beginning stages of the retreat left me feeling skeptical along with a desire to be anywhere else but there. Over the period of two weeks I was able to shed many layers of protection and realize that my experiential proof had been occurring all along. There were some very difficult moments, but how can truly profound change take place without feeling the discomfort of stepping outside what has been familiar for so long?

Tears, laughter, and a true connection to all that is were the results of my retreat at the Well House. Everyone is learning all the time if their minds are open and all our minds were open to PSA Life Mastery.

Susie’s intuitive and insightful probing was key to the group dynamic that developed and existed in a place of safety and trust. We were all laid bare at one time or another, but, in those raw moments, I felt my dignity remain intact. Mirrors looking into mirrors looking into mirrors allowed me to see that the things I dislike or am not comfortable with in other people are generally the things that I dislike or am uncomfortable with in myself. So is the way of the world if I am able to keep my mind open and my soul humble.

This retreat was the spark I needed to regain the momentum to seek Gnosis in my life. Now it is up to me to do the work that is required in furthering and building upon my time in Somerset .

Thank you all and I truly miss everyone that I shared so much with. Take care and I look forward to when we meet again.

Much Love

Mark Boiko (Award Winning Documentary Film Maker - Canada)


‘Beauty is truth, truth beauty,’-that is all

Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.

‘Ode on a Grecian Urn’ (1820) st. 5 (Lord Byron).

To know all that is, you look to yourself, yet without help from family and friends, how do you know who you are? With expert guidance and support from Dr. Susie Anthony and her team, my life and the life of my entire family have changed for the better, in a direction that over one year ago, I never have thought could be possible.

A year ago, still angry with life, still hateful and shutdown through being involved in warfare, self centred and self important. I took part in PSA 1 & 2. I was a drag along only participating to support my wife. I sat ingroup indignantly, unapproachable with a stare that would strip varnish, ears hurting through not wanting to listen, unknowingly a heart yearning to surrender the masks and accept love.

I was a Father, a Husband but I was cold, in denial, resisting, full of blame to others, pompous to other peoples feelings, resentful of their ability to love and yet yearning for acceptance and to fit in.

“The distinction between past, present and future is only an illusion, however persistent.”

A letter from Albert Einstein to Michelangelo Besso, 21 March 1955 (Albert Einstein).

To block the past and the possible future, I drank to excess (8 cans of strong lager during the week, unknown quantities at the weekend), still holding on to the soldier’s attitude of macho-madness. I was highly critical and judgemental of others (for my own denied imperfections). I was scared of the dark (at 35 and having fought in two major conflicts), took solace in watching pornography whilst not loving my wife and family enough, I could watch the most touching of films without a tear. I was the living dead..

“The universe and I exist together, and all things and I are one.”

(Chuang Tzu - Chinese Philosopher ch. 2)

Now one year on, having completed PSA 3, I am still learning. But I am mastering the illusions of negative ego fear based programming - of poverty consciousness, of greed, lust, isolation and self importance, of feeling unworthy of accepting self - love.

I wake up in the morning and stare with love into my son’s eyes, my ears warm to his laughter, my heart yearns for my wife when I am at work. We seem more interconnected now through the path of learning, than we were through the mere acceptance of the Wedding Vows.

I have felt the touch of an Angel, the breath of the Universe, read signs from the animals and seen
nature through the eyes of a child. I feel Universal energy daily and accept as many faults as I can. I have an occasional can of lager when I feel like it, I hug my family more than I thought possible.

The dark is no longer something to be afraid of, I can now weep if the need arises, finding truths about myself (through what would have normally annoyed me in others).

“Do not be the possessor of fame. Do not be the storehouse of schemes. Do not take over the function of things. Do not be the master of knowledge [to manipulate things]. Personally realize the infinite to the highest degree and travel in the realm of which there is no sign. Exercise fully what you have received from Nature without any subjective viewpoint. In one word; be absolutely vacuous.” (Chuang Tzu ch. 7).

All these and many more truly wonderful occurrences have happened, to my Family and I. If you are reading this now and truly need self-fulfilment, gratitude, self-worth and self-love, true self confidence, detachment, but you do not know how to get it. Contact Dr. Susie Anthony, meet her team, feel the true power of Love, understand what most of us have difficulty with, understanding ourselves and Life. the big picture - a divine plan.

I take this time to thank Susie and all her team, for their unadulterated compassion, understanding and truthful conversations. I would recommend PSA to anyone at all, it opens portals to a new understanding and a feeling of peace.

Steve Smith (36)

Civil Engineer. Ex Armed Forces also approached for Covert Operations (Gulf War 1990, Former Republic of Yugoslavia 1996).

Stockton on Tees.

Dear Susie

Firstly I thank you and the team for giving so much to me personally and to us all on the retreat.

Before the retreat, I was this frightened child and was running a streak of paranoia at times. The many books and workshops I have attended did not manage to teach me how to take responsibility for my actions; did not teach me how to stop being frightened and did not teach me how to look at my behaviour to stop the control patterns.

To sum it all up:

• I was reading without digesting
• I was looking without seeing
• I was listening without hearing
• I was thinking it all without feeling

In 10 days I have not only learnt all these things but have had this blessed opportunity to experience it all. In the work place, experience counts more than a paper diploma and I can say this is even more so in this instance. I now know what it means to :

• give away my power
• be judgemental
• project my feelings onto others
• be discerning
• be in a co-dependent relationship

I have now come back home feeling empowered and fully equipped to deal with situations as they arise. I have already had my first encounter with victim consciousness the next day and managed to feel it, deal with it and forgive the person within hours - believe me this feels absolutely great!

Thank you very much to you and the team.

Lots of love and Blessings to you all

Maryline (Mauritius)

Dear Susie.

My life began to change in August 2004. As a 30 year old MBA graduate I ended a relationship with my girlfriend, after six years, quit my old dissatisfying job as a highly paid business consultant, then quit an even more highly paid new job as manager after two weeks, lost my company car, lost my new home and my father died. All within a couple of days.

I know how to manage life changes, that’s what I thought. I trained and advised a lot of people on how to deal with change as a business consultant. Change management was my major at university and I was a master practitioner NLP as well.

Now I know that there is so much more to explore in this area, thanks to you and the PSA teachings. My former education wasn’t bad or wrong, it just was incomplete. I now think that change management has everything to do with life mastery. You are teaching and showing me to be my own guru and how to become the master of my life. A master of life knows and shows how to manage change. I now recognise that this is change management in its ultimate form.

Who am I? Why am I here? What’s the purpose of my life? These questions kept and keep me busy as long as I can remember. After all the sad changes and loss in August 2004, I began to believe that life simply had no purpose after all.

Life’s a bitch then you die. I put so much effort in finding happiness and I got so little in return. Poor me! Was life really about boring jobs, making money, buying stuff, chasing women and getting tired and bored again?

Somehow the information on your internet site resonated with me. I became more and more curious and finally signed up for your workshop and your retreats.

It was the most important decision in my life so far. After the death of my father, I wasn’t able to feel anything. I could not even recognise my closed off, shutdown, repressed state. When you asked me in September 2004 - How do you feel Reinier, after all that has happened? I could only say.. Well, ok I guess? I felt nothing. It was shocking to realise this. Thanks to the sharing, the teachings and the energy work at the retreat I am in touch with my emotions again and I feel this connection deepening daily. I know how important emotional resilience is too because that’s our creative power.

I am very grateful to you Susie. Thanks for being here to show me and so many others the way forward that embraces wholeness and leaves nothing out.

Much love

MBA, Business Consultant (Holland)


Dear Susie,

I am writing to say a big thank you for yet another amazing retreat. It is always such an inspiring way to learn what no book, as yet, has ever told us. To live with strangers and share our life stories, is in itself, quite a daunting prospect. But slowly and joyfully you are trusted, loved and transported into such a safe and secure world.

As the group learns to keep the sacred space clean and clear by sharing house hold tasks, the fun and the laughter bring such rewarding friendships. It’s the realisation that all of us have so many struggles and fears in common. Followed by the sheer relief of just naming those fears and watching them evaporate in tears and laughter. It always reminds me that I am never alone, no matter how tough it gets once I return home.

Sharing the beauty and joy of nature with others is a skill I have learned to thank my parents for. Finding like minded people with whom you can talk openly and freely with about all sorts of crazy and wonderful things, is yet another bonus. In such close proximity to others it is so much easier to identify the behaviours that trigger an emotional charge for oneself and with love and guidance learn to release it, deal with it and thank the gift it brought.

I personally feel that I made a major breakthrough, at long last, in getting in touch with my rage and anger. The sheer relief in starting to let go so that something more joyful can come into my life, is an exciting prospect. Slowly I am learning to live in the now, watch what I say, look after myself and trust in God, and guess what it works!!!!! I feel really blessed for being able to come to your retreats and find the wisdom within, and watch a beautiful being called Jackie finally beginning to emerge. Bless you Susie and heartfelt thanks.


Dear Susie

It is almost two weeks since we all said our goodbyes and still the lessons learned whilst on Retreat remain incredibly powerful. The speed at which all of us, individuals, became a team was amazing and meant, that the fun and laughter, which is always so healing, started immediately. The joy of walking Sirrius in the morning and watching nature waking up, is always such a pleasure and honour. As usual I learned new skills and different ways of doing chores which make me smile rather than frown.

Every one’s share reached incredible depths and, for me, broke some very important barriers. But most of all, it was the realisation that none of us are alone, and that we are all struggling with the same programming. To witness major breakthroughs was a priceless gift, that I have never found in any book or other workshops. To be able to laugh at my own wound wallowing and bless the profound lessons it taught me, was so healing. To choose “victor consciousness” over “victim” has been like wearing rose coloured glasses.The support and love which we all shared was special, and created such a safe place to explore painful truths and behaviours. I can only begin to guess how much work before, during and after the Retreat you are doing on our behalf, Susie, bless you.

The Buddhist Wesak Festival attunement was magical and very special, especially being outside in such a beautiful place. The sacred place, I caught a brief glimpse of, has been a huge factor in my staying awake and alert since returning to Petworth. A number of friends have commented on the fact that I seem calm and peaceful and “different”. Log onto the PSA website, I advise, and attend workshops and retreats, you will never reget it. No wonder you are moving to Somerset, they say.

Finally I am beginning to feel what my anger is like, thanks to your hard work. Every single interaction has a valuable lesson when you stay alert, especially the ones that cause you to say “ouch”. One, was older people’s insistance that this is the way you do things. Gosh how boring is that? New ways can be fun and give a whole new meaning to life, so I’m trying it out, thanks to all you enthusiastic youngsters.

In just ten days I’ve learned lessons that would have probably taken years to achieve, if at all. Every Retreat that I attend is increasingly more powerful and lessons learned, priceless. Already I am counting the days until August.

Thank you again for an amazingly powerful experience, and for all your love, enthusiasm, hard work and laughter, it is inspiring. God bless and take care.

much love Jackie (Head Occupational Therapist UK NHS)

Dear Susie

It is appropriate for me to begin with a sincere thank you to Susie, the profound teaching she has synthesised and made available to humanity and the three ‘inner core’ team members who also work so hard supporting the vision projected by Susie.

Having searched for the ‘truth’ (whatever that is) since my late teens, found many false paths, discovered others that gave me temporary satisfaction; it was a wonderful feeling to contact this teaching in August 2004.

So, feeling full of myself I embraced PSA Life Mastery, only to find my feeling of spiritual significance had nowhere to hide. Here I was gradually exposed to myself (warts and all) for the first time. To be able to clearly see one’s fears and other negative emotions was quite challenging. However, through the discerning wisdom transmitted by our leader and the wonderful support of the group, I found the courage to face what had to be faced and move on to the next experiential lesson.

To see the contradictions existing in personality that overlay and hide the abuses experienced, to clearly see how ego had lead me by the nose through those contradictions, was very profound and sometimes quite hilarious. To learn the lessons of giving from the heart and serving a group cause, instead of my usual ‘people pleasing’ behaviour, has also contributed to a transformation in my life - has transformed me - in a direction that I had never dreamed was possible.

The unconditional love received I from the group has helped me to realise I am worthy of that love. Now I choose to love myself completely and give that love to others. My feelings of being my inner child are joyous and becoming more and more frequent and I just feel like dancing and laughing and loving all life.

How can mere words express my feelings of deep gratitude to Susie and the group for the breakthroughs that have transformed my life? This is not the end, only a step on a journey that has now become a wonderful voyage of discovery and an exciting adventure of exploration. I really am deeply grateful to Susie, the teaching all my friends in the group.

Harry (CEO - Accountant)

For Dr Susan Anthony...

One of the most profound things I would say is that I stopped taking anti depressants for what was prescribed as severe post natal depression, whilst staying with Susie on the day I did PSA 1 and 2. My son was 3 months old at that time [1 year ago], but I had been off and on this medication since the birth of my eldest son 10 years before. This is amazing as even though I had already been attuned to reiki 1, for over a year at that time, I just couldn’t work through the overwhelming emotions I had been experiencing. PSA energies/attunements are so powerful, they must be experienced and I would recommend this work to anyone.

I would also recommend PSA 3. At first, I felt quite threatened at the idea of sharing my secrets with a stranger, but I am so glad I did. The person I shared with was such an exact mirror of myself, that this in itself was, and still is very healing.

Recognising and ceasing to use energy stealing patterns, and the use of sound conscious language are also vital for inner peace. I don’t know of anywhere else that teaches this other than these workshops. Now I see people around me stealing each others energy and limiting their creativity within their own words. I am just amazed that I have never noticed this before when it is so obvious. I am speaking here also of myself. Now I truly know how much inner work I have to do, but the process is speeded up with these wonderful energies.

As I do this work it also helps others I know, including reiki masters, as they don’t know about energy stealing patterns and many of Susie’s other teachings. I notice how many light workers are living in ego, and I truly think that everyone should do this work.

Lots of love


At the age of 16 doctors decided to go ahead and to operate and remove my leg. Waiting for the date was ‘hell’. I enrolled on a college course but couldn’t focus on anything properly. I drank and smoked heavily and was very unfit.

I had the amputation in November 2005. I woke up from the operation and couldn’t believe the pain! Even though I never once regretted my decision the pain was unbearable. I spent New Years Eve in hospital with a very serious infection and was under threat of loosing even more of my stump. This was the blackest time of my life. Once I was home and had started to heal I was recommended by my Mother to go to Studio Psalm for a massage, I was very uptight and still in a lot of pain. I was taking nerve pain killers that completely scrambled my brain. It was here I had my first meeting with Susie and members of her team. Susie said that if I was prepared to help myself, she and members of her team would be able to help me. I had regular massage in exchange for volunteering at Susie’s centre and felt a little better. I did a Reiki course and used the amazing essential oils Susie recommends from Young Living. The whole PSALM team continued to support me.

Thanks to this work, I am a completely different person. I no longer smoke and I am fit. I have a vision for the future. Thanks to the PSALM team help I have healed, both physically and mentally.

This summer I am sailing on the tall ship Tenacious with the Jubilee Sailing Trust, I cycle, I to to gym and I swim. I am everything I wasn’t and I am so grateful for the help and support of the very caring people on Susie’s team. Thanks for helping me to recover and to believe in myself, I can now live my dreams.

Jack Eyres

Thank you for allowing me to stay with you. I must have an important mission in life as the universe delivered me to your very special retreat. Although I have not yet received any signs as to what direction to take, I am sure these will come in due course as I continue to work on myself. I will keep in touch as life unfolds its synchronisities.

My hearty gratitude and special thanks to Jackie for constantly feeding me and her unending love as well as the reiki. Thanks to Zoisa for the magic massage. Thanks to Judy for ensuring I got on and off at the right stops. Love just exudes from all of you. I feel truly blessed and honoured meeting you all.

Rehana Azim (Biology Teacher and Private School House Mother) London

I met Susie very briefly at an event. And, as a result, met again to discuss some collaborative work and the cutting edge 'Super Hero' transformational work she is bringing to the world.

A day visit to her home - in magical Somerset, with all it's ley lines and powerful earth energies, turned into a day of absolute beauty, of crystalline nature. As a healing facilitator myself .. I strongly experienced nurturing, high frequency infused hospitality, that demonstrated to me Susie's deep commitment to excellence and pristine self conduct.

Though I have not yet taken any of her courses or read her books, the imprint of the day left a deep desire to engage more on that level; to experience more of her teachings and incredible life wisdom. The more we talked and shared, the more apparent it became that she is dedicated to facilitating higher human awareness and embodiment of universal wisdom.

It then became a day of shared heart activations, child-like joy and connectedness with all that is wholesome and authentic. A day that felt like a Month... Transcending normal space-time. Thankyou Susie x

Gulrukh Khan
Award Winning Film Maker

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