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A Map to God 1 'Awakening Spiritual Integrity'

‘You can have anything you want, but you will have to work for it.’
Richard Bach

a map to god

A Map to God
'Awakening Spiritual Integrity'

The most enlightening experiences in my life have come from mistakes, heartbreak and pain. The gift of all that suffering, I have discovered, is that we don’t have to throw away a whole life just because we get messed up a little. Losers deserve a second chance so that they can become winners and that’s what this book is all about. The fairy tale of my life began as a nightmare. This book describes how this led to my awakening. As a result of a series of near death experiences, I was blessed to receive through ‘direct knowing’ vital spiritual knowledge (gnosis). I was given to understand that all kinds of gifts and tools for transformation are being made available to us at this crucial crossroads in human evolution. I was then guided through a chain of synchronistic and unusual events to various spiritual and psychological teachings. I met powerful spiritual people who recognized my awakening state. Each teacher was expert in his or her own field and was able to assist me to heal a different part of myself. I accessed powerful tools to begin to open up and re-connect to my inner world of invisible helpers. I began to heal others in turn, but realized there is no magical instant healing fix – it’s about taking responsibility for our lives, changing everything within us to live in harmony with spirit, about being whole.

This book, the first of two, is the result of all that. It has been formulated from recondite Gnostic and other ancient wisdoms, as revealed over many thousands of years. Relatively few yet know about such traditions. Established religions, at least in their practice if not their origins, ignore them. It has been our loss, and this volume attempts to redress the balance. It makes it possible at last for every kind of spiritual seeker to rediscover their bliss and achieve a constant, upward spiral of spiritual growth, while contending with the demands and challenges of everyday modern living in a substantially toxic world. Incidentally, recent statistics show that nowadays, in just one day, we are subjected to more toxins than our grandparents encountered in an entire lifetime. Something has to give… We truly need to learn how to live higher spiritual principles in order to transform ourselves and heal our world. As we all learn to live these simple principles, our world will transform!

The book’s premise is that all of contemporary society’s problems stem from a loss of connection to spirit. Our technology-based, must-have consumer lifestyles cause many distractions so that we forget ‘best self’ (spirit), and thus our lives lack any real purpose, passion or bliss. Loss of connection to spirit ultimately disconnects us from the rest of our world. When we live out of harmony with spirit, we are more liable to cause harm to ourselves, to others and to our environment. Typically, best self then calls us to awaken, most often through a series of ‘spiritual emergencies’. These ‘breakdown to breakthrough’ experiences can sometimes be mysterious and exciting, yet most often they are dramatic, traumatic and frightening. Without the ancient maps and a teacher, the quest to restore our spiritual integrity may take an entire lifetime, or worse still, due to unconscious psychological blocks and denials, may never happen at all. This is a tragedy because, ultimately, when we fail to deal with our own personal shadow defects, planetary shadow issues escalate and we tend to get the corrupt governments, corporations and fundamental religions we deserve.

’The Foundation of Wisdom is the selfless awe of God. Sceptics deny that this is so, and the ignorant ignore the discipline That leads to it, but you need not be among them.’
Proverbs 1:7

In order to best understand the remarkable life and death experiences that I share in this book, let’s refer to the best-seller by Neale Donald Walsch, Conversations with God (Hodder & Stoughton USA).

Like me, Walsch was experiencing an all-time low point in his life. At that time, he decided to write a letter to God, venting his frustrations. Like me, what he did not expect was ‘contact’ or a response. As he finished his letter, he was moved to continue writing and out came extraordinary answers to his questions. Similarly, in the vicelike grip of a $1,000 per day cocaine habit, I pushed myself past what I thought was the point of no return. Following an incredibly massive overdose, as I felt all life-energy leaving my body and I knew I was dead, instead of the nothingness that I expected in death, I found myself before some kind of super-luminal Life Review Board. At that point, in actual fact, my life only really began to be lived. I was privy to a truth that was almost too much to bear, one world is ending and another world is beginning… I was shown revelations that would come to pass especially with relevance to new time-lines determined by levels of consciousness gained.

Suppose we could ask God the most puzzling questions about existence, questions about love, faith, life and death, good and evil. Just suppose God provided clear understandable answers. It happened to Neale Donald Walsch. It happened to me. It could happen to anyone. In short, following a fatal drug overdose, I had my first conversation with a divine ambassador, the Archangel Michael. I was lovingly given a chance to view the major events of my life and helped to find deeper meaning and higher purpose to all I had suffered. Then I was persuaded to come back and share the insights I had been shown, plus many more that I have gathered on my own journey of enlightenment and awakening spiritual integrity since then. Since that time in 1992, I have been consistently and lovingly guided by angels and master guides. They have directed me to write this book – to assemble this simple yet challenging plan to lead others into their own unique path of spiritual integrity.

In different ways, Walsch and I both found the same answers to our questions. These answers reveal the universal truths underlying all mystical and religious traditions. These answers changed my life. Read and lived, they will change the lives of many others. Those who read this book and perform the practices will come to view others as part of a unified whole, as part of themselves. The basic truth that Walsch and I found is that we are not separate, one from another. We are all leaves on the same tree! When we recognize this and live the truth that we are all one great being, it becomes impossible to practise anything less than harmlessness towards all others. When we forget this, however, we create chaos and destruction. Isn’t it obvious? If I know from experience that everyone else is part of the greater me, and I love myself, then how could I wish to hurt or take advantage of any other? The personal experience of this truth is, I believe, the key to resolving issues of conflict and establishing a working peace on all levels from the interpersonal to the international arenas.

“Anyone who has worked 18 hours a day to try to keep up with the rat race will find this book to be literally a life saver. Susie Anthony walks her talk and she has truly experienced all she shares. Expertly, yet simply written, my hope is that this visionary work will awaken the masses to really respond to the call to spirit, wholeness and healing. I could not put it down. This incredible book will dramatically change your life and perceptions of reality – read it if you dare!”

Professor Miceal Ledwith L. Ph., D.D., LL.D., was a Professor of Theology for 16 years at Maynooth, Ireland, and for ten years served as President of the University. For 17 years he was a member of the International Theological Commission - a small group of 12 theologians of international standing charged with advising the Pope on theological matters. He has been a long time member of the Ramtha School of Ancient Wisdom and today is in frequent demand as a speaker all over the world.

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A Map to God 2 'Developing Spiritual Integrity'

This final part of the journey makes The Da Vinci Code, Harry Potter and Indiana Jones-type adventures look dull and easy by comparison!

The Sequel A Map to God ‘Developing Spiritual Integrity’ – preparation for the final stages.
The reason the first book stops at Alchemical Level 4 – the stage of Christed consciousness – and proceeds no further on the map is that the final three stages, as perhaps one may have already imagined, are incredibly challenging and demanding.

At Alchemical Level 5 a truly fierce refining process begins where higher life-force energies become available to us. We feel as if we are falling apart or being torn apart by forces beyond our comprehension. Actually, this is exactly what’s happening; we are beginning to disintegrate physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually to make room for the more highly refined energies of ultimate best self – soul is merging now with spirit. We are completing the journey of ego reconnecting to soul and beginning the journey of soul reconnecting to spirit. It’s a similar process but the way becomes more difficult and we get tested like almost never before, over and over until we fully embrace this natural process to disintegrate so we can integrate more light. This is likened to the shedding of old skins in order to allow even higher energies or aspects of best self to be integrated. The success and accomplishments of the last level – Christ consciousness or reconnection to soul – pale into insignificance almost, as we are confronted with our worst personal shadow aspects and the worst shadow challenges of the entire collective consciousness. As more light comes in, more shadow is exposed and needs to be purified and cleared. It all ‘sounds’ so simple and it is simple, but far from easy. We feel as if we are dying and of course we are dying, dying to find God.

The beginning of the alchemical process to reconnect to spirit – all that is – is truly overwhelming, dark and frightening. The places we are asked to go are almost where angels fear to tread... a good reason that the higher path, the final three levels of the map are discussed in a separate book. This higher path is all at once fascinating and terrifying, yet totally compelling.

It’s not for the newcomer or beginner and definitely NOT for the faint-hearted. If the drowsy or newly awakened were to know about the final tests of the higher levels too soon, there is a real danger that they’d be forever discouraged from the path. This is surely the most valid reason for discussing Levels 5, 6 and 7 in the next book.

At Alchemical Level 5 consumed by darkness, it feels like the light has deserted us and gone out. We may wish to give up and many do because they feel so world-weary. I remember a phrase from Star Trek that sums it up perfectly – ‘the higher the fewer’. It’s a terribly frightening experience to feel as if all that was gained so far has been lost or perhaps wasn’t ever true.

In Developing Spiritual Integrity, the final three levels of the map will be outlined, showing us that we are never alone in this higher refining ‘polishing our diamond’ process. Like never before, there comes a growing sense that everything we do is for all of humanity. We lose all interest in attaining personal ego goals and feel focused only on the bigger picture. This is a major choice point, where it becomes terrifyingly too apparent that the collective shadow can only be transcended via each one of us being willing to personally deal with and transcend this evil within self.

Oh what a glorious battle ensues! We come face to face with our dharma and the realization that no matter what it takes to transcend our own karma and that of the collective, this was always to be our life work. If we wish to continue higher up the path, we accept this. Resistance is futile and whatever we resist persists holding us back. If we are ready to go higher, all the way, these realizations animate and inspire us to see this through. Re-animated we release the echoes of outworn ‘victim consciousness’ beliefs and deal with each issue as it arises – with wisdom and with spiritual integrity. It’s tough, it’s terrible and it takes sheer guts, determination, detachment, love, courage, faith, hope and patience to never give up and never surrender ever again to the lower path of ego. As Jimmy Carter once said, ‘We should live our lives as though Christ was coming this afternoon.’

When I was introduced to the higher initiations of the last three levels, I began to experience all kinds of loss, rejection, abandonment and betrayal from those nearest and dearest to me, my teacher, my husband, all sorts of ‘friends’ – even my best friend. I lost my job, my health and my home. I experienced all kinds of blocks to succeeding and all kinds of loss, pain and suffering. The challenges were dark, devastating and fierce. It took everything I had to remain true to the higher path and hold strong to my beliefs. I continued step by step, little by little, each day. I learned to keep everything in the day – sometimes repeating over and over to myself ‘this too shall pass!’ I was soothed, I made it through and I have never looked back. This map helped me to keep the faith and to keep on keeping on… a favourite saying of mine.

The map of the alchemical levels, however, is not really about reaching a destination – enlightenment. You see there’s always work to do, more to unfold and I live in a perpetual state of excitement and joy, welcoming the challenge, the incredible mystery that reconnection to spirit and ultimate best self is.

So where do we go next?

Entering Alchemical Level 6, we learn to create yet only motivated by how our creativity will be for and help the greatest good of the whole. We will still experience times when we feel the illusion of separation from spirit, yet we will always know that our guardian angel is merely focused elsewhere and that with the slightest flutter of wings will return to aid us. Most likely we’ll experience the dangers of self-inflation or delusions of grandeur. At times we may feel as if we are ahead of all others and feel tempted to look down on them as un-evolved and stupid. Be compassionate and never judge the darkness or it will claim us too! At this level, the last vestiges of personal identity are gradually blotted out by periodic inner experiences of the One – the true highest best self. Personal awareness is purged by a growing awareness of the One – the Absolute – All That Is.

At Alchemical Level 7, the final stage, our best self is fully present all of the time. Our full reconnection with spirit is manifested in the earth physical and we feel and sometimes see (and others can see) a golden glow about us. We are the ones we have been waiting for. We are the one who is all this and we are filled with ultimate confidence, power, wisdom, compassion and love. Because what we wish and desire is what the One self wishes and desires for the greatest good, all our actions have great success. If the time is right and the vision is perfect, instant manifestation is possible. Even when engaged in interactions with others less aware, we never forget the best self and our best destiny. Most who attain this state remain here only to serve others and the greatest good. Thus we learn how to live spiritual integrity.

A Map to God 3 'FAMOUS Spiritual Integrity'



Mr Gore confided in me that 'we need another hero generation'

In collaborating with David Gibbons at VoiceAmerica, Susie had a compelling idea for certain of the interviews on her shows - to underpin the questions in her series of shows with the archetypal theme of finding the hero within... after all this is what her work is all about.

Susie has invited people onto IN DISCUSSION with her because they have had the courage to make the sacrifices and take the risks necessary to inspire the ‘listenership’ to look inside and find their best selves and do something to make our world a better place.

Extracts of these interviews with permission will be reproduced in Susie's forthcoming book, the second in the award winning Map to God series , ‘Famous Spiritual Integrity’. In this book Susie is building a collection of truly moving and profound interviews with really remarkable people who all share frankly about faith and integrity. Susie says... 'I have chosen people who have consistently demonstrated a feeling for beauty, the courage to take risks, the discipline to tell the truth, the capacity for sacrifice. Ironically, in some cases these virtues made them vulnerable; they were wounded but like true heroes they never gave up and were never destroyed. I do not restrict the term ‘hero’ to warrior or life-saver; I use it to describe anyone who has had the courage to follow his or her calling, obtained the necessary knowledge and skills, and then used that wisdom and experience for the benefit of his or her people.

The deeper message of my book is about the value of making individual heroism so commonplace it becomes banal and routine. You might remember reading that recently I met Al Gore and we talked about SOLUTIONS to many of the challenges in our world today.

Mr Gore confided in me that 'we need another hero generation'.

Superhero Code

I agree with him entirely and so does David Gibbons that… we all have to somehow understand that history is presenting us with a powerful and unique choice point. In ignorance, in separation from spirit, we have created a culture of distraction, we haven't been able to see the global writing on the wall... We have a planetary emergency on our hands in terms of climate crisis. We have to find a way to create in everyone alive today a sense of generational mission. It's my deepest and most profound wish that my book and David’s radio interviews will help accomplish this... with your co-operation!'

The "New eLetters from America" is raising extraordinary interest as David walks in the footsteps of Alistair Cooke; this charting the evolution of America at a significant time in both its own and world's history. The first program is located at

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