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Marrying the mystical and the mundane to live the magic of an empowered life!


The HERO is not perfect and may not always know what works, but will know for sure what is NOT working and strive to change this.

The Hero’s Mission is to reweave a new web, dream a new dream and create a new structure for our current reality that reveres and honours all life as sacred, and honours the health and beauty of this beautiful planet, our home. The current web of reality has been woven out of lies and deception, fear, greed and abuse of power, together with a general disrespect for much of life other than the elite few who profit at the expense of the Earth and all others who live here.

The Hero Within calls for us to focus on weaving or creating a new reality based in reverence for all life and sustainability that benefits the Earth. This is not about perfection, but rather achieving wholeness, mastering and merging the good the bad and the ugly within ourselves and externally on the planet.

The key is waking up to what doesn’t work and then making different choices in ways that help to create a more balanced self and a healthier world. Everybody has to look at his or her own footprint and then intend, will and commit to do the best they can to be part of the solution.
When we understand and can master our own personal power for the greatest good, the gift of all this is felt in a deeply fulfilling emotional life, having a strong sense of purpose, healthy belonging, and an ability to creatively accomplish life tasks in ways that increase enjoyment and improve our world.

Quite simply, Susie’s workshops help you learn all the how to of accomplishing this...

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Our workshops provide instant reconnection to the hero's lost treasure of power, wisdom, love and magic!

Take home tools for transformation to maintain this higher consciousness daily

Learn All about:

• Cutting edge pioneering consciousness technology

• Learning how to consciously invoke your genius

• Reconnecting the conscious, the unconscious and super-conscious minds

• Taking away Tools for Transformation to live the teachings

Susie Anthony has developed a formula for life-changing miracles...

PSALM workshops are about attuning to life-force energies so that you can create such miracles too.

Susie has developed Personal Spiritual Alchemy featuring MS-REM “Super Reiki” - a dynamic programme of integrated subtle energy-mastery teachings. A natural evolution to the traditional Reiki format, these workshops also teach you how to follow the alchemical map for spiritual unfoldment that she writes about in her award winning personal development book, A MAP TO GOD.

This profound and unique synthesis of teachings combines wisdom from the Hopi’s, Toltecs, Essenes, Tibetans, and the mystery traditions of many ancient cultures... the Sufi’s, the Gnostics, the Qaballists to name but a few.

The practical side of this work insures that you go through the personal transformations necessary to free yourself from the limiting issues of your past, to become the powerful being you are meant to be, to live your best destiny.

These workshops show you how to effectively deal with spiritual emergencies. Most people don’t even realise these exist let alone that they are experiencing one or what it means. Examples:

1. Unexpected awakening of the inner life force energies... serpent power - kundalini - tantric energies.

2. Retrieval of lost soul fragments through shamanic journeying and inner child work.

3. Psychological renewal through awareness and integration of the archetypes.

4. Opening to multi-sensory (lower psychic and higher spiritual) awareness.

5. Transcending karmic patterns to open up to abundance, love and freedom.

6. Clearing energy fields of unwanted negative thought forms - entities and psychic attack.

7. Depression - breakdown which, when handled correctly, can lead to breakthrough.

The teachings include powerful yet simple daily practices for you to deepen, widen, and live your divine connection. By connecting you to powerful transforming spiritual energies and practices, you learn to walk your talk and live your spirituality with (or without) on-going guidance from the PSA team at the Well House, whatever you prefer.

“Susie’s workshops take you on the shortest journey... out of the head and into the heart. It may well be the shortest journey but is often the longest because of the multitude of self-inflicted barriers and obstacles we put in our own way. This is what Susie’s work addresses at the deepest level: how to get over ourselves.”

Professor Miceal Ledwith L. Ph., D.D., LL.D., former adviser to Pope John Paul II, was also a Professor of Theology for 16 years at Maynooth, Ireland, and for ten years served as President of the University. For 17 years he was a member of the International Theological Commission - a small group of 12 theologians of international standing charged with advising the Pope on theological matters. He has been a long time member of the Ramtha School of Ancient Wisdom and today is in frequent demand as a speaker all over the world.

“Susan Anthony shares with refreshing integrity her personal story of transformation, which led to amazing meetings with masters from various spiritual backgrounds. With her insights from these experiences and meetings, she presents jewels of universal truths from East and West and paints an engaging vision for humankind’s journey toward oneness!”

Klaus Heinemann, Ph.D., Physicist, Former NASA Scientific Consultant, Lecturer - Stanford Research Institute, Corporate Chairman, author of “Expanding Perception” and co-author of “The Orb Project.

"The fact that Susie is able to attract huge audiences to her conferences in the depths of the British countryside, reflects the level of respect people have for her profound wisdom."

Lady Tracy Worcester Ecologist, Filmmaker & Champion of Human & Animal Rights. As Associate Director of the International Society for Ecology and Culture, and a trustee of the Gaia Foundation, she’s working to shift development from dependence on giant banks and corporations to local interdependence between people and their real needs.

For healers, seers, wisdom seekers and absolute beginners alike, these workshops offer a wonderful opportunity to go beyond theoretical knowledge to actually live and breathe spirituality.

‘Kindred Spirit Magazine’

"These workshops create powerful insights. Insights lead to greater awareness. Awareness embodied creates transformation."

Dr. Lana Israel founded her own educational company, Brain Power for Kids, Inc., at 13. Since then she has travelled the world lecturing to students, parents, educators, and business people about learning techniques. Lana has published two books on learning methods for children (the first of which she wrote at age 12) and has produced two award-winning videos on study skills. In 1993, Lana won the Glenn T. Seaborg Nobel Prize Visit Award (Grand Award) at the 44th International Science and Engineering Fair for her research on learning and memory. In 1994, the British Brain Trust named Lana ‘The Brain of the Year’ (joint recipient) for her contributions to education. Lana, who was elected a Rhodes Scholar in 1997, received her doctorate in Experimental Psychology from the University of Oxford and her bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Harvard University.


It is possible to enrol now for some of the preparatory processes and basic level workshops required before participating in the more advanced PSALM workshops.

These include subjects such as basic energy mastery eg, Pranic Healing and Usui Reiki, which are being taught by the PSALM team of associates who reside in community with Susie at the Well House.

Treatments and therapies include deep tissue body work, energy clearing and balancing therapies, cleanse and detox practices for the physical body, together with group and one to one psychological recapitulation sessions.

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PSALM Retreat & Workshop Testimonials


As detailed in Susie’s award winning book, she is working with some remarkable friends in groundbreaking, pioneering fields... scientific research, alternative health and in the world of transformational business mentoring... For more details email

Susie is currently beginning to put together a joint venture programme of enlightened business leadership studies with major Fortune 500 CEO business mentor, Dr Cleve Stevens. Cleve Stevens is one of the most inspirational, enlightened teachers and business leaders of our times. He lectures at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles and the University of Beijing in China, which President Clinton once referred to as the ‘Harvard of the East.’ Incidentally, Cleve was also headhunted to work for the Clinton administration. Cleve Stevens obtained a BA from the University of California, a master’s in divinity from Princeton Theological Seminary and a PhD in social ethics and leadership development from the University of Southern California. An article was written on Cleve’s work whilst he was staying at the Manor House recently and was featured in the Sunday Times. See link below.

You just need love to make a profit

Businesses improved their profits if bosses show they care, according to California-based consultant Cleve Stevens...

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Dr Cleve Stevens - See Harvard Business Review Article

Listen to Dr Cleve Stevens on IN DISCUSSION with David Gibbons

Dr Gary Young in Ecuador, who is curing all kinds of terminal disease with high therapeutic grade oils, cleansing-detoxing and purging the body naturally – he’s even operating with a gold medal award winning US Surgeon of the Year and Ecuador Medical Association without anaesethics, painkillers, antibiotics or anti-inflammatory medications – just using natures oils organically grown and distilled by his company on virgin soils. Susie made news as the first person in the world to have IV Thieves Oil which knocked out toxic black mold in her lungs completely. There are no side effects with these oils, no fatalities and a 28% faster recovery.

Read more about life saving Essential Oils here

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Dr Irving Dardik, founding Chairman of the US Olympics Sports Medicine Council, A Hektoen Gold Medal award winning surgeon who is now being hailed by Harvard as the new Einstein due to his work on SuperWave Resonance theory, which returns people to health. You can read about Irv’s work in ‘Making Waves’ by award winning scientific author, Roger Lewin.

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