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Marrying the mystical and the mundane to live the magic of an empowered life!


  • Dismantling the stress of 'Fight or Flight' living
  • Experience high tech green scientific therapies
  • Discovering higher purpose to live with passion

Through genuine caring, love and respect, you'll be helped
to remember how to relax, rest and digest, to create authentic healing.

There are all kinds of bespoke Retreats to relax, be pampered, rejuvenate and heal. You can spend quality time with award winning author, Susie Anthony and her team of therapists who practice locally. It's a great opportunity to dig deeper into the how of personal development. Alternatively, there are retreats that expand on the more traditional revitalisation and wellness theme, placing dynamic emphasis on deep relaxation to enhance psychological and spiritual transformation…

There are all types of accommodation packages close to the Well House, to suit any pocket.

In addition to the fantastic therapies, especially the new pioneering Young Living Oils Vibrational Raindrop massage... with over 50 various tuning fork frequencies... enjoy horse riding, balloon rides, sailing, serene walks in nature, visit ancient sites, crop circles, stone circles, caves and white sandy beaches. Dine in front of roaring log fires & savour the local organic home cooking…

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We are proud to be in partnership with the very best in terms of organic beauty and health products, homeopathic remedies, vitamins and supplements from natural sources and high grade therapeutic oils:

The Organic Pharmacy

Young Living

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You really are a gift, Susie, a blessing and an extremely important player as we seek to transform the world. The further I get from my
visit, the more clearly I understand the importance of what you bring to the world. Oh, and I truly enjoyed your book - brilliantly done, utterly stimulating and inspiring; accessible, yet demanding in the best possible way. Goodness.

Dr Cleve Stevens

Cleve obtained a BA from the University of California, a master’s in divinity from Princeton Theological Seminary and a PhD in social ethics and leadership development from the University of Southern California.

Although The Manor House sits in one of the most beautiful places on earth, upon leaving, the geographical beauty is not what you will remember most. What you will remember is being touched and transformed by the beauty, integrity, and depth of each of the residents, and the rest of your life will be better for it.

Dr Lee Jampolsky

As a recognized leader in psychology and human potential, Dr Lee Jampolsky has served on the medical staff and faculty of respected hospitals and graduate schools. Dr Jampolsky has appeared on radio and TV shows spanning the globe. He has been interviewed or quoted by hundreds of publications, including the Wall Street Journal, Business Week, The Los Angeles Times, Entrepreneur, and Women's World. He's had seven books published in over ten languages and has sold hundreds of thousands of copies.

Many of us have moments when we feel the need-the necessity-to dig deeper and to (re)connect with that aspect of self that we know exists but have forgotten how to find. It's like a tip-of-the-tongue experience: You know the answer is there. You know you know it. You just need to access it. But, sometimes the answer never seems to come, or finding it is a difficult and frustrating process. At critical moments like this, true blessing is having someone with pure and powerful heart, mind, and soul to guide you. Dr. Susan Anthony has become that guide for me.

After a ten day retreat with Susie and her amazing team at The Well House, I feel like a flower blossoming in fast motion. The most amazing part of this process is the realization that, like a flower, we have the power to absorb light, love, energy and the positivity and guidance that the Universe offers to live truly extraordinary lives. Susie's depth of heart, knowledge, goodness, and commitment inspire transformation. She walks her talk. And, with pure intention, authenticity and humour, she clears, attunes, and calibrates for each person so that they are likely to leave the retreat and live their truth. That has been my experience.

I had many lessons and realizations during the retreat. It was amazing. However, after the retreat, I've experienced a shift in my outlook, orientation and focus that has empowered and realigned me. I know that some of this is due to my own revitalized will, intention and practice of the energy work that Susie teaches. I also know that some of this is due to the 'invisible' behind-the-scenes work that Susie initiated lovingly and wisely during the retreat. Susie is dedicated to assisting others in leading true, authentic lives. She is dedicated to seeing others succeed. I now approach every day knowing that I have the tools and the power within me to create and live my dreams. We all do.

Sure there are challenging moments. And, Susie's work provides tools for taking challenges in stride, learning from them, and continuing to grow and create. What can be more wonderful and important than learning about and becoming the magnificent beings that we are? And, who better to guide us on this journey than Susie?

Dr. Lana Israel

Dr. Lana Israel founded her own educational company, Brain Power for Kids, Inc., at 13. Since then she has travelled the world lecturing to students, parents, educators, and business people about learning techniques. Lana has published two books on learning methods for children (the first of which she wrote at age 12) and has produced two award-winning videos on study skills. In 1993, Lana won the Glenn T. Seaborg Nobel Prize Visit Award (Grand Award) at the 44th International Science and Engineering Fair for her research on learning and memory. In 1994, the British Brain Trust named Lana 'The Brain of the Year' (joint recipient) for her contributions to education. Lana, who was elected a Rhodes Scholar in 1997, received her doctorate in Experimental Psychology from the University of Oxford and her bachelor's degree in Psychology from Harvard University.

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