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Vital teachings needed by humanity at this time


'This is why Alchemy exists.' the boy said. 'So that everyone will search for his treasure, find it, and then want to be better than he was in his former life. Lead will play its role until the world has no further need for lead and then lead will have to turn itself into gold. That's what Alchemists do. They show that when we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too.'

Paulo Coelho - The Alchemist


Where do these teachings come from?

I was guided through a chain of synchronistic and unusual events to various spiritual and psychological teachings. I met powerful spiritual people who recognised my awakening state. Each teacher was expert in his or her own field and was able to assist me to heal a different part of myself. I was led to the people who taught me the various teachings that I am now synthesising in my work. I was destined to help others, to synthesise all these teachings into one coherent system and then to teach everything I had learned. I learned wondrous things from each of these teachings but no one of them contained all the pieces of the puzzle. No one teacher and no one path have all the knowledge, wisdom, truth, healing, magic or faith. This discovery inspired me to compile a series of courses ad books gathering and unifying the various teachings that I have received from all the paths.

When I realised that this was my work, I felt a bit daunted and quite humble. At first, I thought, "who am I to perform this great task?" I decided that the job was so important that even if I felt I was too small for it, I would go for it with all that I am. At that point I had seen enough miracles and synchronicities in my life, so I trusted that I would be guided to do this work well.

Personal spiritual alchemy contains a synthesis of all the purest and most powerful teachings that I have gathered. These enable you to purify on all the levels - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, and to align to live these noble principles in your daily life.

In 2003, I found the right site for my work just outside Glastonbury in the south of England . The PSA life mastery retreat is on the Mendip hills overlooking the original lake of Avalon and the 7 isles, with great views of the Tor.

All are welcome to visit me here to do more in-depth work, retreat and visit the sacred sites.

The inner work of creating peace, power, love and wisdom within will always attracts the right people, places, things into your life. As more of us progress upon the path and create powerful inner peace, the great dreams of world peace will manifest as well. Our internal reality affects our outer reality. I agree with the Dalai Lama when he states that in order to create peace on earth - we must first create peace in our own hearts. I can show you how!

I have accessed powerful tools to begin to open up and reconnect to my inner world of invisible helpers. This marvellous world contained teachers, guardians, angels, guides and animal power totems.

I received powerful initiations and divine wisdom. I learned cutting-edge psychological and spiritual insights. Finally, after studying many of the different paths to enlightenment, I created an ancient map that clearly describes the alchemical changes, challenges and the experiences to expect during each of the seven stages of spiritual awakening.

The angels guided me to these different teachers and teachings.

I'm not the only one to believe in angels. Belief in angels has recently become much more widespread. Looking at the bigger picture, we see that the world is in a dangerous and precarious state. Humans have seriously damaged the environment and many species of life are now extinct as a result. We now actually have the means to exterminate ourselves and much of life upon the earth. Without wisdom and understanding, we could very well do so.

Angels are here to help us. But because of our free will, they are not allowed to interfere unless we ask for their assistance. Increasing belief in angels and more people asking for their help is an important and powerful influence in correcting world problems and bringing heaven to earth.

Early on in my journey, I was guided to various traditions of shamanism. I learned that in order to awaken and become whole, I needed to become a kind of modern-day shaman. I needed to journey into the subconscious and resolve old traumatic memories. On these inner journeys, I learned to contact, be taught by and gather healing "medicine" from my spirit guides. During this process, I was stripped of my old destructive social habits, discovered my true needs, and reassembled a new personality that more adequately expresses my totality. Basically, I learned to reconnect with my spirit.

The culture of the Hopi Indians holds many key secrets for the path of awakening. The Hopi medicine men and women are consummate shamen. Their knowledge of the inner world is as profound as our scientific knowledge of the outer world. Their teachings hold important keys to world peace. Their prophecies hold vital insights into the challenges of our modern world. They reveal the urgent need for each of us to make the choice between the path of comfort, profit and greed and the path of the soul (love, strength and balance).

Another Native American Indian group that has had a profound impact upon my journey of awakening is the Toltec tradition. The Toltec teachings reveal clearly how in the process of growing up and becoming members of our societies, we have forgotten our connection with spirit. The Toltec shamen are impeccable spiritual warriors who fight for their freedom from the negative effects of socialisation.

In my workshops, sessions, books and manuals, I will explain effective Toltec techniques to assist you to remember and regain your spiritual connection.

On my journey, I learned that most spiritual traditions use ritual initiation to stimulate the awakening of their students. In fact, I have come to believe that initiation is the chosen method to elevate consciousness upon this planet. In effective initiation, the initiator connects with and embodies high spiritual energies and then channels them into the aspirant, the student who aspires to divine wisdom. If prepared to receive these energies, the aspirant will experience, at least for a short time, a state of enlightenment and personal evolution beyond what he or she has yet attained. This experience serves as a guiding light to inspire the aspiring student to carry on with his spiritual work. More importantly, this experience initiates. It brings the spiritual forces to bear upon the consciousness of the aspirant. These energies speed the spiritual unfoldment of the aspirant much like a hothouse speeds the growth of plants.

Since before the Christian era, the Essenes use of initiation has had a most profound impact upon western civilisation.

Five hundred years before the birth of Christ, a mysterious group of scholars formed communities to honour an ancient teaching that began before history as we know it. Collectively known as the Essenes roman and Jewish historians referred to the members of this spiritual tradition as a 'race by themselves, more remarkable than any other in the world.' the underlying wisdom of many Essene traditions pre-dates the dominant traditions of their day and is traced through nearly every major belief system existing in the world today, including those of china, Tibet, Egypt, India, Palestine, Greece, even those of the American desert southwest, appear to have common roots in this ancient lineage of wisdom.

Additionally many of the great spiritual traditions of the western world, as different as they appear from one another today, appear to have originated from this lineage of wisdom including the freemasons, Gnostics, Christians and the Qaballists. Also known as the 'elect' or 'chosen ones', the Essenes communicated with the angels. They studied all religions and gathered the essence into one divine science. They initiated western culture with this pure divine wisdom. They lived lives of cleanliness, purity of deed, and absolute honesty. Their techniques for promoting spiritual awakening are some of the most profound and effective of all.

The Celestine vision and insights popularised by the psychologist, James Redfield, have provided me with many missing keys to the puzzle of understanding the big picture of what we are all doing here on earth. It was from this source that I learned the importance of observing and following up on synchronicities, the seeming coincidences that guide the spiritual awakening of us all. Most importantly, I learned the importance of higher self-awareness gained through mastery of negative self-destructive patterns of behaviour.

Psalm is dedicated to the re-establishment of reiki (universal life force) energies in our modern world. It is through initiation to higher knowledge (gnosis) or spiritual consciousness (rei), that we are able to properly guide our life energy (ki), to create positive results and affect positive personal and then global transformation.

This is an important time to learn to how to master universal life force energies since we are now embarked upon the most accelerated and incredible movement of human consciousness that our world has ever experienced.

The information age that we are now a part of is creating a fast paced world that can be both highly exciting as well as challenging. Many are experiencing much higher levels of stress and tension - all kinds of toxic physical, mental and emotional states. Accordingly, my intention is to help everyone use life force energy mastery (reiki) more effectively to create balance and harmony in their lives.

We live in what is perhaps the most interesting of times and there are now many more opportunities for personal and spiritual growth than ever before. By working together and allowing reiki to guide us, we can improve the quality of life on the planet for everyone and enable global consciousness to move quickly to a new and higher level.

What is MS-REM super reiki?

MS-REM is a highly advanced form of reiki that is exponentially more powerful than its predecessors. It's more powerful because it is a combination of higher rays and frequencies, previously inaccessible on earth. These profound and dynamic super reiki energy mastery attunements and disciplines complete the PSALM synthesis of vital teachings for humanity at this time.

What is PSA Life Mastery?

PSA Life Mastery is a 21st century treasure map of human consciousness!

The map that allowed me to at last sort all my knowledge into one working system I found in the seven stages of spiritual alchemy.

In this system, those who have gone before us clearly explain the stages we all go through in our personal awakening. And the challenges and pitfalls we will confront are also revealed. I know this is true because I've lived it.

The wisdom exercises and practice sections of my workshops, manuals and books provide the "framework" for you to do the work and live your own truth. Yet no one can do the work for you. I'll point the way but it is you who will walk the path to freedom.

I have used this map to meaningfully sort all the wisdom and knowledge that I have gathered concerning spiritual awakening. Remember knowledge understood yet not lived is useless. It's just a head trip. It's not bad, it's not wrong, it's just incomplete.

I will show you how to use this map well. It will allow you to forge on with confidence and understanding of the process embodied. It will assist you to confront and resolve the challenges inherent on the path. With this map it becomes easy to identify and transcend denials.

In order to revise and complete this great map for you, I had to first go through a great number of experiences and then put in a great deal of effort. I can honestly say that if I had had this map earlier, I wouldn't have erred and suffered as much as I did during the early stages of my awakening. I offer it to you humbly. It represents all that I understand so far. There is always more.

How do you know if your mission on earth is complete? The answer is simple: if you are still alive, it isn't over!

Use this map to light your way. May it guide you and give you courage to forge ahead undaunted upon your own noble path of awakening.

What is Personal Spiritual Alchemy?

Susie Anthony has been initiated into some of the greatest grand master lineages on earth. She is also an initiate of the Shamanic Path and has studied most of the energetic healing modalities of the world. She was recently awarded an Honorary Doctorate in Divinity by one of the leading USA Schools of Divinity.

As a result of several near death experiences, she has been blessed to receive through 'direct knowing' vital spiritual knowledge (gnosis) at this crucial crossroads in human evolution. This has enabled her to develop a practical, formula for life-changing miracles.

By identifying the seven stages of spiritual alchemy, Susie has been able to synthesise all her knowledge, processes, wisdom, love and understanding into one solid, simple working system to help you alchemise the lead of personality into SPIRITUAL GOLD. She calls this the Seven Alchemical Levels of Personal Spiritual Alchemy. This is a treasure map of awakening consciousness.

Within this system you have the opportunity to learn from those masters, sages and visionaries who have gone before you with clear explanation given to the stages you need to enter to experience your personal awakening. The challenges and pitfalls you are likely to confront on this journey are also revealed, along with clear guidance in overcoming likely difficulties complete with simple 'work to do' at each relevant stage.

PSA Life Mastery is a very precious guide to living in spirit in the 21st Century. This map of consciousness highlights the pitfalls you are likely to face as an incarnate being and prepares you energetically to create lasting total life solutions. PSA Life Mastery teaches you to raise and permanently maintain a higher vibration of awakened consciousness. Just as an astute tour guide would lead by stealth through a mountainous terrain, so this 'map' provides invaluable keys on your tour of material existence, suggesting the most productive ways to proceed. This synthesis of spiritual and psychological work contains the keys to vast amounts of gnosis - true spiritual wisdoms. PSA represents a unique synthesis whose subtle blend combines ancient wisdom from the Qaballah, the Hopis, the Toltecs, the Essenes, the Tibetans, and many other genuine mystery traditions.

Learn about ....'The Map of the Ancients featuring the Seven Alchemical Levels - Bondage to Personal Freedom'

This dynamic map for enlightenment draws from a wide variety of traditions, including the American Indians, the Essenes, the Western Mystery Tradition (Qaballah), the Eastern Path, the Toltecs and the Shamanic Path, as well as recent inspired psychological writings such as The Celestine Prophecy.

Internationally recognised as a powerful teacher/healer, Susan consults to people from all walks of life including heads of multibillion-dollar corporations, commissioners of police and heads of government agencies. She also regularly tithes at least 30% of her work and time to those with genuine need, who lack the funds to pay for treatments or tuition.

In the last thirteen years, Susan developed Personal Spiritual Alchemy featuring MS-REM "super Reiki" - a dynamic programme of integrated spiritual energy-mastery teachings. Far beyond and exponentially far more powerful than traditional Reiki, these attunements and workshops teach you to follow the alchemical map for spiritual unfoldment. Susan's synthesis combines wisdom from the mystery traditions of many ancient cultures. The practical side of this work insures that you go through the personal transformations to free yourself from the limiting issues of your past and become the powerful spiritual being you are meant to be.

Flowing through the seven levels of alchemical awakening, these workshops show us how to effectively deal with spiritual emergencies. Most people don't even realise these exist let alone that they are experiencing one or what it means. Examples:

1. Unexpected awakening of the serpent power - kundalini - tantric energies.

2. Retrieval of lost soul fragments - shamanic journeying and inner child work.

3. Psychological renewal through awareness and integration of universal archetypes.

4. Opening to multi-sensory (lower psychic and higher spiritual) awareness.

5. Recognising - overcoming karmic patterning to open up to abundance, love and freedom.

6. Clearing energy fields of unwanted negative thought forms, self- sabotaging beliefs and judgements.

7. Depression and breakdown which, when handled correctly, can lead to breakthrough.

Practicing MS-REM super reiki daily awakens the divine in you, attuning your mind, body and spirit, opening the pathway of the soul to wholeness. MS-REM includes daily practices for you to deepen, widen, and actually live your divine connection. By connecting you to powerful transforming spiritual energies and practices, you learn to walk your talk and live your spirituality.

For healers, seers, wisdom seekers and absolute beginners alike, these workshops offer a wonderful opportunity to go beyond theoretical knowledge to actually live and breathe spirituality.

PSA workshops (including MS-REM attunements) are attended by various types of healers, seasoned spiritual seekers and absolute beginners or newcomers alike. They all agree that they have never felt such powerful spiritual energies.

Elements that make this work especially effective include daily self-work (hands-on healing) to reconnect to spirit and the angelic realms, a review of the events of your life including a searching personal profile, forgiveness of self and others, making amends with those we have hurt, elimination of negative habits, and vigilance that every thought, word and deed expresses only that which we wish to see manifested in our lives. When we align with our essence self - we are powerful creators and our word becomes our experience!

The work is intense, even monumental, but the rewards are too. Attunement to levels of consciousness will reconnect you with spirit helpers and guardian angels through a really simple energy alignment process. You can learn this in one day! Moreover, you will receive effective "do it yourself" practices to integrate the increased spiritual energy into your daily life effectively.

If you are willing to really work on yourself, MS-REM will provide you with the means to achieve the goals you desire. At the higher levels, these are some of the finest integrated ascension energy mastery teachings on the planet.

Many of Susie's clients have experienced "miraculous" healings of various, even so-called "incurable" conditions. With PSA we learn the energy science behind this and how to live and perform such miracles upon ourselves and others

Susie emphasizes that she (and others who do this work) do not heal, but rather assist others to become whole and balanced.

As we embrace higher energies the full spectrum of angelic and shamanic connection becomes possible and this is where miracles can happen.

The people who have had these miraculous healings have had private sessions plus taken her workshops, learned the self-healing techniques, and used them daily to participate in their own "wholing" process. Actually, her work is not about healing, but rather about re-attuning to spirit. A natural result of this is stronger connection to the all kinds of super-luminal beings and healing. This leads to self -empowerment, inner peace and self-acceptance.

If you've had a yearning to find deeper meaning and fulfilment in your life, but the methods (or religions) you've tried in the past haven't brought you the results you've for, then come to these workshops. They do work. Everyone who has attended them attests to this.

If you are Christian, Shamen, Sufi, Hindu, Zen, Taoist or Buddhist, it makes no difference. This is about sharing pure spirituality free of any religious denomination. Whatever your personal beliefs, your involvement with PSALM and MS-REM will bring greater awareness, joy and personal excellence to every aspect of your life.

Vital teachings needed by humanity at this time

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