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About the Super HERO Code

We are called to reconnect to the Super HERO inside when we experience an awakening (initiation), but few of us choose to take a heroic stance. Be it the death of a loved one, divorce, redundancy or something that causes the personality to meet the Super HERO inside, we are given the opportunity to choose which voice to listen to in order to embrace greatness.

Choosing to live the Super HERO way creates a life much greater than we could have anticipated. Loss, pain and suffering are, therefore, ultimately gifts, putting us back in touch with compassion for the plights of others.


You don't have to look very far to know that our world is a messed up place. People are hurting. Suffering is everywhere. It can be really overwhelming.You might wonder why someone isn't doing something. Where is the help? Or you may think that if you're going to make a difference, it will be someday ... when you're less busy, have more money, older, more educated or have fewer problems of your own.

Well, this morning when you woke up, there were people around the world and in your own community who were hoping that today might be the day. The day someone stepped in between people in bondage, slaves and their oppressors. The day relief from suffering begins. The day they could live in peace, without fear about how to feed, clothe and educate their kids. The day someone showed kindness to them, or let them know they had value.

Please... Know this -- while you may not be able to do everything -- and you can't solve all of the problems alone -- working together, our generation CAN make a difference. Find out how by living the Super HERO Code and embracing greatness in your life today through the art of conscious mythical living.

Stop waiting for someone else. Stop waiting for someday. Because, YOU are that someone and TODAY is the day.

For 20 years Susie has been speaking to hundreds of thousands of people about Godís love for the hurting and oppressed in the world and showing them how to connect to this POWER. Today her dream is that the Super HERO Code will create a sense of generational mission in everyone alive today in this new age of super crises, that they would discover Godís great heart in them and be motivated to care for all of their neighbours around the world.

SuperHERO Code

Super HERO Code workshop format  

Download Previous Workshop Information based on the summer 2012 weekend seminar with Dr Jude Currivan

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Pay online: Special Early Bird Booking: £400 for advance workshop bookings.

Read more about about the Super HERO Code and our other events and workshops Bill Gladtone, Super HERO Code Agent - No 1 Worldwide Bestsellers & Booksales ď I know that your project has impeccable intent and when realized can be a significant contribution to humanity.Ē

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